We aim for a environmentally sustainable future.

Leaders in Natural Mineral Fertilisers & Organic Farming. Lovers of Regenerative Agriculture.

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Every day at Munash Agriculture, we help farmers to achieve mineral rich soil, grow healthy crops and raise healthy animals.

Munash Agriculture is a family owned and operated business which began in 2001. Located in Regional Victoria, in a place called Pootilla our family have been blazing a trail in chemical free, organic farming that will continue to shape the agricultural and horticultural industry for generations to come.

Our experienced and versatile team possess a deep knowledge of soils and growing needs, based on a collective 45 years plus experience in organic agricultural industries. We are equally proud and thrilled to share our knowledge and information with a broad spectrum of stakeholders to achieve our goal to remineralise the earth, bringing soil back to balance and promoting a more sustainable future for our planet. Munash Agriculture – Simple, healthy, and organic.

Our success relies on the ethos that soil health is at the core of every day life. The Munash team are committed to soil rejuvenation, balance and health to emulate natural systems via naturally sourced materials from the land, sea and recycled organics.

If you balance the soil, the yields will follow whilst bringing your soil back to life.