Soil is its own living ecosystem, it has developed from geologic materials including as rocks, granite, limestone, and sediments. The soil is what supplies all the water, nutrients and minerals essential for plant growth. So when a plant uses up all this goodness in the surrounding soil, it needs to be replaced.


Munash Rockdust is a natural mineral fertiliser, which replaces what has been removed from the soil. It recreates the natural process that occurs in the earth to restore soil to its proper level of health.

Why use Munash Rockdust?
  • Made from the same stuff as soil, it restores balance
  • Best source of food for microbes
  • Reduces heavy metals
  • Rebalances water so plants can use more water and not become dehydrated
  • Unlocks elements and makes them available to plants
  • Release valuable minerals and trace elements to soil and plants
  • 100% natural, organic and chemical free. Safe around children and pets
Where does it comes from?

Munash Rockdust comes from a specially selected combination of geological rocks from the Central Victoria goldfields area. This area is well known for its rich mineral deposits. Its key ingredients are Basalt and Granite along with our patented catlyst.  The right combination has been refined over the last 20 years by our small family owned business.

Available In

2kg bag – 20 square metres
3kg (Pail) – 30 square metres
8kg (Pail) – 80 square metres
10kg bag  – 100 square metres


Broadcast one handful (100g) per square metre over grass or plants and soil.

Rockdust Products




Rockdust Elements Amount
Calcium 5%
Potassium 2.5%
Iron 2%
Magnesium 6%
Manganese 0.65%
Carbon 0.45%
Phosphorus 0.16%
Sulphur 600ppm
Zinc 270ppm
Copper 70ppm
Boron 31ppm
Cobalt 24ppm
Molybdenum 7ppm

Please note: slight variations may occur, the above information represents typical analysis of the most important naturally occurring elements in Rockdust