Munash Renew is a natural sea mineral liquid foliar fertiliser which promotes long term sustainablity fertility, improving uptake of vital nutrients, resulting in better growth.

A foliar fertiliser spray is a technique of feeding plants directly through their leaves. In particular, sea mineral based foliar sprays are popular because they contain a high abundance of trace nutrients,  which is vital for plant cell development. Sea water is the planets richest life sustaining source of minerals, containing the full range of minerals. So the benefit of using a sea mineral based foliar spray is that plants are able to increase yield, are more nutritious and become more pest /stress tolerant.

When Munash Renew (sea minerals) is used in conjunction with Munash Rockdust (land minerals), it helps to increase the amount of mycorrihizal fungi in the soil (basically this fungi attaches itself to the plant roots and allows the plants to uptake vital minerals from the soil).

This enable the plants roots to establish more quickly and be much stronger healthy plant through plant cell development.

In simple terms Rockdust gets minerals into the soil promoting strong root growth and Renew promotes above ground development.


  • Is a top source of food for the plant
  • Keeping a balance in plants
  • Protect it from disease and bacterial fungus
  • Keeping healthier plants means it can utilise the minerals from Munash Rockdust and the soil
  • Plants are less dehydrated
  • Improves the quality, structure and vigour of the plant
100% Natural, organic and chemical free.  Safe around children and pets.


Munash Renew is sourced from the southern ocean right here in Australia. The recipe has been refined over the last 20 years by our small family owned business.


250ml diluted (makes 800 litres)


1/2 capful per water can (10 litres) or a dash per spray bottle


Calcium 0.39%
Potassium 0.22%
Iron 0.41%
Magnesium 0.01%
Carbon 0.17%
Phosphorus 0.06%
Sulphur 0.34%
Sodium 1.25%
Zinc 256ppm
Copper 146ppm
Boron 806ppm
Cobalt 055ppm
Molybedenum 153ppm



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