Through using Munash products the Quick family has been able to produce a lot more potatoes and the quality has improved greatly; they have also been able to reduce the amount of conventional fertilizer used.

“The reason why we have moved to natural fertilizers is because conventional ones are too costly and the natural ones are obviously more beneficial for the soil. We’ve used soil conditioner, Eco-Min and Bio-N and Omniboost K.  From using the products, as the year progressed we could see the soil turn into a more compost-looking soil; you can actually see it work. One variety of potatoes that we were growing 15-18 tonnes we’re now producing  25-36 tonnes. With the increase in yield you can definitely see a benefit in using it. Other benefit is that Ian is there to monitor the soil and plant health throughout the year to see what the plants need or don’t need.  We’ve been very happy so far and would recommend Munash to others. The proof is there, results are there, so why wouldn’t you use them? You also save money with the Munash products because you can use less, so it’s a money saver for a start.” 
 – Jarrod Quick, Ballan.


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