Dunnstown Football Oval Testimonial

Dunnstown Football Club contacted Munash to assist with the recovery of the oval after  extreme heat conditions made sporting ovals in the area less playable and less safe.  Munash began treating the oval in July 2008 with Eco-Min and Eco-Min Balance.  The oval turf is now thicker without having to apply any new seed or turf to the oval and has fewer weeds.

We approached Munash as we had patchy areas of grass cover on the oval, and even with the annual pruning, the weeds were getting through all the time. Also, through the winter patchy parts of the oval would break up and get muddy. We used Eco-Min and Eco-Min Balance. Now we have a really good cover – it doesn’t get muddy and it holds well. In terms of grass and weeds, it’s never had so much grass and never had so few weeds.  With how the ground has come up we’ve been able to offer it up for the footy finals as part of the Central Highlands Football League. We’ve had lots of different people outside of the club who say how good the ground is. Two other clubs have approached us to ask us about what we have done to the oval. I’d absolutely recommend Munash products and services to other sporting clubs.

Nathan Cahir, Dunnstown.


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