Water Clean

The Munash philosophy is to simplify agriculture
with a natural, sustainable and holistic approach.

Water Clean is natures answer to water quality,
it is a completely natural and non-toxic product.

What is it?

Water Clean is made from our trademark product Eco-Min together with mineral based products which treat and balance water. It is completely natural and non-toxic.

How does it work?

Water Clean has a multitude of ultra trace elements and minerals. The active ingredients literally clean and balance the water. Water Clean balances all the necessary nutrients and assist in decreasing the pollutants in the water. Water is the single most important element vital for healthy life so it is so important to have clean ‘healthy’ water.

Water clean used in conjunction with balancing our soils, plants, animals and of course us!

How to Water Clean?

1Kg of Water Clean is applied per 10 square meters of water surface. It requires no special equipment, as it is broadcast over the top of water.

Proven results in:

  • Balancing nutrients, minerals and energy levels in the water
  • Controls blue green algae
  • Improves water quality
  • Assists aeration and oxidisation
  • Makes the water more palatable for stock and assisting greater water intake by stock
  • Cleaner water as it encourages the sediment to settle
  • Increases microbe activity in the water

Available in:

Water Clean is supplied in 40Kg bags.

A typical analysis of the most important naturally occurring elements in Water Clean

Elements Amount
Nitrogen 0.07%
Phosphorus 0.09%
Potassium 0.11%
Sulphur 0.24%
Calcium 14.58%
Magnesium 0.71%
Sodium 0.06%
Iron 7303ppm
Manganese 442ppm
Zinc 31.4ppm
Copper 15.4ppm
Cobalt 15.95ppm
Boron 33.5ppm
Molybdenum 3.68ppm

Please note: slight variations may occur