Stock Booster

The Munash philosophy is to simplify agriculture
with a natural, sustainable and holistic approach.

Stock Booster is a balanced liquid formula specifically formulated to help maintain the health and vitality of animals.

What is it?

Stock booster contains minerals and vitamins which are an essential part of any animal diet. It provides stock with a balanced supplement to improve their health and vitality. It is suitable for all animals.

How does it work?

Stock Booster assists the animal to process and digest food properly whilst at the same time supplying the animal with vital minerals and nutrients. It works best in conjunction with Munash Eco-Fertilisers and does not replace and adequate diet. Stock Booster is an excellent source to assist in re-fattening stock and can be used in feed lotting just by adding it directly to the water.

How to Stock Booster?

Based on Monthly Application Rates:

Cows: 25mls
Calves: 12mls
Sheep: 8mls
Lambs: 6mls

Note: If product is added to water, then only 1/4 of the product is to be used.

Proven results in:

  • Assists general health of stock
  • Aids in improving stamina and digestion
  • Improves resistance to worms and disease
  • Assists the utilisation of nutrients, minerals and vitamins
  • Assists if there is a need to re-fatten stock
  • Treats serious problems with animal health

Available in:

5 and 15 litre drums.

A typical analysis of the most important naturally occurring elements in Stock Booster

Elements Amount
Calcium-Carbonate 96.21%
Magnesium-Carbonate 0.54%
Sillic Acid 1.35%
Manganese Oxide 0.005%
Water 0.41%
Alumunium Oxide 0.52%
Natrium Oxide 0.002%
Ferric Oxide 0.26%
Kallium Oxide 0.075%
Natural Sediments 0.584%
Sulphate 0.03%
Iron 670ppm
Copper 2ppm
Chromium 1.3ppm
Zinc 10ppm

Please note: slight variations may occur