The Munash philosophy is to simplify agriculture
with a natural, sustainable and holistic approach.

Munash Renew is a foliar application designed to deliver vital minerals and elements directly to the plant surface. Renew can also be applied to the soil and growing mediums in which your produce grows.

What is it?

Munash Renew is a mineral liquid fertiliser derived from the pure southern ocean sea water. It contains a balanced proportion of trace elements that have a natural composition similar to what is found in humans.

It has been developed from the sea to help build healthy, balanced and fertile plants. It also plays an active soil rejuvenator role which promotes long term sustainable fertility, improving uptake of vital nutrients, resulting in better growth.

Renew contains macro and micro nutrients and minerals in laymen’s terms the GOODNESS your need for you soil and plants. It acts like the missing ingredient to establishing new growth and increased yields quickly. Renew activates and kick starts microbial activity means the soil is able to degrade more plant residues more rapidly releasing nutrients and improving soil organic matter.

How does it work?

Renew enables the plant and root growth to increase. The underground ecosystem is also significantly enhanced. There is more life underground than there is above ground. One very significant component of this biomass is mycorrhizal fungi. Renew increases the mass of mycorrhizal fungi in the soil. These fungi feed plants by dissolving minerals in the soil and helping to transport these minerals to the plants they are attached to.

How to Renew?

Hectare Rates
250mls to 300mls per hectare dilutes into 100 litres of water per hectare

Acre Rates
100ml per acre dilutes into 40 litres of water per acre
Shake well before use and store in a cool dry place

Proven results in:

  • The most nutritious source of minerals for your plants
  • Brings life back to your crop and plants
  • Creating amazing fertile soil and plants
  • Activating the minerals in your soil and making them more readily available to your plants
  • Kick starts and nurtures micro organisms
  • Aids Munash Eco-Min and Munash Balance to work faster
  • Improves plant health, vitality and structure

Available in:

Bulk Purchase

A typical analysis of the most important naturally occurring elements in Renew

Elements Amount PPM
Calcium 385
Magnesium 1210
Sodium 11,231
Nitrogen 42.99
Phosphorus 565
Potassium 2,177
Sulphur 3,391
Copper 1.42
Zinc 1.76
Iron 3,950
Manganese 17
Cobalt 0.289
Molybdenum 0.906
Boron 6.02

Please note: slight variations may occur, the above information represents typical analysis of the most important naturally occurring elements in Renew