Eco-Min Rockdust

The Munash philosophy is to simplify agriculture
with a natural, sustainable and holistic approach.

Eco-Min treated soils come to life with billions of soil microbes which supply root systems with and abundance of nutrients, minerals and ultra-trace elements.

What is it?

Is a natural mineral fertiliser which is bonded to give a slow release of broad spectrum elements required for microbial and plant growth.  It consists of specifically selected igneous and metamorphic rock types which are formulated as a semi-granulated products blended with a certified organic activating agent.  Eco-Min is a unique blend that reacts with the soil microbes to release valuable minerals and trace elements into the soil.  It has an amazing ability to balance all elements regardless whether they are high or low and assists all other fertilisers to work far more efficiently.

How does it work?

An adequate supply of minerals and trace elements is essential for efficient, productive soils. Eco-Min is a unique blend which balances all elements regardless whether they are high or low. It assists all fertilizers to work far more effectively. Eco-Min is not soluble in water; therefore, it does not pollute soils, waterways or groundwater.

How to Eco-Min?

We recommend 200kg to 300kg per hectare depending on soil conditions. Eco-Min is applied by broadcasting over your soil by using a belt spreader.

Available in:

Eco-Min can supplied either bulk or bulka bag.

Proven results in:

  • Eco-min treated soils come to life with billions of soil microbes, supplying root systems with an abundance of nutrients, minerals and ultra trace elements.  A balanced up-take of nutrients allows better utilisation by plants and produces stronger, higher yielding plant specimens.
  • Eco-min supplies soils with up to 100 elements (including Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Magnesium, Iron, Copper and Zinc) providing immediate and long-term benefits.
  • Top dressing with Eco-min corrects soil polarity, thereby invigorating microbe activity and greatly enhancing cation and anion exchange.
  • Eco-min makes more efficient use of available nutrients leaching and lock-up of water-soluble fertilisers.  This means significant savings in fertiliser costs.

A typical analysis of the most important naturally occurring elements in Eco-Min

Elements Amount
Calcium 5%
Potassium 2.5%
Iron 2%
Magnesium 6%
Manganese 0.65%
Carbon 0.45%
Phosphorus 0.16%
Sulphur 600ppm
Zinc 270ppm
Copper 70ppm
Boron 31ppm
Cobalt 24ppm
Molybdenum 7ppm

Please note: slight variations may occur