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The Munash philosophy is to simplify agriculture
with a natural, sustainable and holistic approach.

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Munash are committed to bringing to you the best in natural mineral fertilisers derived from the land, sea and recycling organic material.

At Munash we believe in working with nature to restore the balance in the soil.  We live by our slogan, ‘BRINGING SOIL BACK TO LIFE’ which in short means that we put back the living components in our soil which have been removed by production.  Once the living components are back in the soil, the soil will continue to keep building its own balance.

We are continually exploring new approaches to agricultural production that complement natural environments, enhance ecosystem function, and improve rural livelihoods.  We appreciate, respect and work with nature and the environment; in short Munash is committed to making a difference.

We are doing this by working vigorously on maintaining soil health and we are working very hard to become one of the leaders in reducing carbon footprints.


Broad-acre Farmers
We help you improve soil structure; resolve issues relating to dryland salinity and soil acidification; increase water retention, provide plants with better germination and balance your soil. We also assist in establishing quality and even growth patterns in your crops.

Dairy Farmers
We help you improve grazing including quality of feed, milk, animal health and resource management. Our products improve the health of the herd, produce a healthier pasture, improve milk quality and reduce disease in the animal.

Grazing Farmers
We can assist you by creating better quality feed; improving parasite control, increasing production and being able to turn stock over more quickly. This all helps increase your profits.

Vegetable Farmers
We assist you with water quality as we understand that this is your number one priority. Our products also help you achieve better nutrition and quality and fewer pests and diseases. We also help you achieve a better cut and improved production.

Golf & sporting clubs; parks and gardens

Parks & Gardens
Munash products thicken grasses and pastures, and improve the health of soil and plants.

Golf ranges and sporting greens
Our products can assist you restore and improve turf quality following extreme heat, make your sporting surface safe and playable, thicken the grass quality without having to plant more pasture, and create larger root systems thereby reducing muddy conditions.


Hobby Farmers and Alternative Gardeners
Our products are perfectly natural and balance you soils giving you less problems with weeds, diseases and pests. They are an easy way of turning your farm into a quality show piece.