Can I use Revitalize on my garden beds?

Yes Revitalize is perfect for adding to existing garden beds or establishing new garden beds.

How is Rockdust made?

The exact formula is a trade secret but what we can tell you is all outlined at the Rockdust information page.

What is Rockdust?

Rockdust is just what you think, different types of rock ground into a fine powder.  Munash Rockdust is made from basalt and granite rocks.   Some describe it as ‘magical’ but the logic behind this ancient fertiliser is quite simple.  It’s called soil remineralisation.

We have literally searched Australia for the best types of rocks.  Not any Rockdust will do.  In fact you will do more harm than good just using any old quarry dust. It’s like us eating take away to a meal cooked with fresh natural ingredients.   After all it is all food, but not all food is the same just like not all rocks are equal in their ability to provide nutrients.   We have spent 20 years honing and developing our products to bring you the VERY best and the highest value of minerals compared to any other Rockdust.

The most important part along our journey to find the right rocks was to ensure that we are reducing our carbon footprint and doing good for mother earth.  So, our Rockdust is produced using a by-product which was for a long time is considered a waste product.  Now this waste product is bringing soil and gardens back to life.

What type of Rockdust is best?

Of course, not just any old rock provides beneficial results as rocks by way of formation have different chemical makeup.  Not all rocks are equal in their ability to provide nutrients.  Munash have honed and developed their specially selected rocks for over ten years and own the patent for their product.

How does Rockdust work?

Microbes in the soil draw the minerals from Munash Rockdust and carry these micro-nutrients to the feeder roots of the plant.  Small particles of Munash Rockdust are readily available to the plant for uptake through the microbes and the larger particles act as a slow release fertilizer.   Rockdust balances the mineral levels in the soil unlocking them and making them all available to the plant naturally.  Increased mineral uptake helps raise sugar levels, improves plant vigour, increased yields and enhances natural disease resistant capabilities of plants.

Can Rockdust work on all types of soil?

Yes and it has been scientifically proven to work in all types of soils.  Rockdust has amphoteric tendencies which means it is a compound which can contain both acidic and basic functional groups, therefore Rockdust is capable of reacting chemically either as an acid or a base making it suitable in saline, acid, neutral or alkaline soils.

Why is the application rate so low, compared to chemical fertilisers

Rockdust is a concentrated product, which means lower application rates and lower costs.  A normal fist size rock has a surface area of a few square metres, however grind that rock down to a fine powder and the rock has a surface area of several thousand square metres.  This means microbes can much more easily and rapidly access and consume the rocks minerals, thus more rapidly digest them into plant nutrients.  Therefore, you don’t need to apply as much!

What is Renew?

Renew is a mineral liquid fertiliser with derivatives from the sea.   It contains a balanced proportion of trace elements which has a natural composition similar to what is found in humans.

How does Renew work?

Renew is full of minerals and the plants absorb the minerals as nutrients very quickly.  When Renew is used on your garden, fruit and vegetables which contain any in-organic salts it will immediately turn them into highly usable trace minerals which can easily be absorbed by the human body.  That’s why Renew is the optimum plant food.

What is the difference between Renew & Rockdust?

Renew has similar characteristics to Rockdust in that it also has a rich balanced source of essential minerals and trace elements.  However Renew works to enhance and feed the plant directly whilst Rockdust works more on balancing the soil to provide the plants feeder roots with an abundance of minerals and nutrients.  Rockdust and Renew work in balance together which they enhance each other creating healthier soil and livelier gardens.

What does balancing the soil mean?

Balancing the soil is to supply soil and plants with a balanced complete source of essential elements.  Soil, plants and animals require elements in specific proportions, NOT simply in specific quantities.  Mineral nutrients must be supplied at certain ratios to create a harmonious balance.

The nutritional aspect

When we eat food grown on depleted soil we too, like the plants, lose our natural resistance to disease. All the degenerative diseases have been on the rise in Australia in recent decades with direct links back to deficiency of minerals in our food is due to mineral depletion of soils.

Conventional thinking, doesn’t apply here!

A little goes a long way, so use Munash Rockdust & Renew sparingly and remember that twice as much isn’t necessarily twice as good. At the same time note that it will never burn your plants, nor leach out the soil, even at overdose levels. It is unlike regular water soluble fertilisers, so conventional thinking doesn’t apply.   The longer Rockdust & Renew are in the soil, the more the fungi & micro-organisms will have chance to assimilate it and make it biologically available.

How does Rockdust & Renew compare to conventional NPK fertilisers

There are numerous other elements beyond the major NPK that mainstream science now accepts as necessary for healthy plants.  Munash Rockdust & Renew have an abundance of minerals and trace elements which are needed by specialized soil microbes which fulfill special functions to create soil and fertility, such as synthesizing certain enzymes, vitamins, antibiotics, or other critical bio-molecules.

Conventional agriculture shortcut the microbial feeding chain, by using synthetic fertilisers and chemicals to supply nutrients as soluble salts which are directly absorbed by the plant roots. But we now know many bacteria and fungi actually pump nutrients into roots around ten times faster than soluble salts are absorbed.   In return, microbes receive sugars and other carbon compounds secreted by plant roots.

Scientifically proven

Extensive international trials have shown that remineralising the earth with rock dust and using sea minerals in agriculture are extremely effective and sustainable means of restoring minerals & trace elements to depleted soils, with the consequential increased microbial action also speeding up the breakdown of soil pollutants and balancing elements.

By growing your plants on remineralised soil you enable the plants to reach their full genetic potential, with natural resistance to insects, disease, frost and drought. You can also expect higher yields of more nutritious food with less input costs.

Why are minerals so important for soil & plant health?

We believe that remineralisation of soil is required to rebuild the health of the earth for our future generations.  If our earth’s soils aren’t in balance everything else suffers – the grass that grows, the animals that eat the grass, the crops and produce that rise from the soil, and us – humans!  The future of human life depends on the life of our soil and in particular the minerals which feed the soil.

Balancing the soil is to supply soil and plants with a balanced complete source of essential elements.  Soil, plants and animals require elements in specific proportions, NOT simply in specific quantities.  Mineral nutrients must be supplied at certain ratios to create a harmonious balance.

When we eat food grown on depleted soil we too, like the plants, lose our natural resistance to disease. All the degenerative diseases have been on the rise in Australia in recent decades with direct links back to deficiency of minerals in our food is due to mineral depletion of soils.

What are the key benefits to farmers?

Farmers will see benefits within the first year of using natural fertilisers in which they will notice increased yields, sturdier growth, healthier plants and greater water holding capacity.  If farmers commit to the long term they will gain optimised results of balanced soils, supreme soil fertility, carbon stored in the soil naturally and a secure exciting farming future.   If the forthcoming carbon emissions trading scheme is introduced farmers who are using natural fertilisers with biological farming practices will have a greater advantage in reducing carbon.

Can you control Pests & Disease with Minerals?

Insects and disease are the symptoms of unbalanced soils lacking minerals, not the cause of it.  Plants grown in remineralised soil are so resilient they don’t need pesticides, herbicides or any other chemical products.  Pests like to munch on plants which are low in energy and have low sugar levels.  Pests are known in the soil world as garbage collectors gathering sick and dying plants.

To control pests naturally overtime, all you need to do is to increase the sugar and mineral content in the plants.  Concentrate on improving plant structure and balancing soils rather that killing pests as the literally can’t eat high energy plants.

Add Rockdust to your soil and watch those annoying pests decrease whilst your plants will thrive becoming more robust towards yucky things like disease.

Why is Revitalize different to other composts?

Munash has spent over 5 years researching and testing a vast range of compost blends and mixes to develop Revitalize.  Our compost ingredients are derived from the most purest and riches blends of nutrients, which we then add a pinch of our mineral goodness to give you a superior compost.

You will notice from the minute you touch Revitalize that it is rich in colour, has hardly any smell and it feels like a rich soil blend.  We make sure our compost does not contain any nasty chemicals or additives.  Most importantly whilst other compost blends pine park,  ours does not as this is which is usually toxic.  Our compost is made from rich natural food waste.

Why do I need Revitalize if I am using Rockdust?

At Munash, we know that minerals are vital to the health of soil.  In fact the minerals found in Rockdust are the spark plugs of life for your soil.  We also know that people want faster results to get their gardens, farms and soil balanced and mineralised faster.  Therefore we created Revitalize to add nutrients to the soil, in which the Rockdust will break down the nutrients and make the nutrients and the minerals available to the plant efficiently and faster.  Thus producing a wining and healthy combination.

Why should I put a compost like Revitalize on my pasture or farm?

At Munash we are passionate about farmers and helping produce exceptional crops, yields and healthy animals.   If you are really ready to boost your property, then the combination of adding nutrients through the Revitalize together with the minerals from Munash Balance will radically transform the health of your soil.

This is best combination to date, which we have tested and developed from over 30 years of farming organically.   This blend will give you the quick results like a chemical fertiliser, but with all the goodness from an organic fertiliser.

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