Munash exists to help life thrive through healthy soil.

We balance the soil so things grow naturally the way nature intended. We call ourselves a Soil Health company, not just a fertiliser company!

The Munash Agriculture philosophy supports a holistic approach to soil remineralisation. Munash believes in embracing all facets of being: the physical, emotional, social and spiritual which are inter-connected and all have a profound effect on our well-being.

Munash is a family owned and operated business, based in Ballarat Victoria, operating for more than 10 years. We work closely with government departments, environmental groups, local businesses and farmers, to assist them to incorporate sustainable soil and farming practices.

We develop and manufacture high-quality natural mineral fertilisers for use in gardens, agriculture, horticulture, parks, and sporting venues across Australia

Our experienced and versatile team operates based on 45 years experience in agricultural industries and we are proud to share our knowledge and information with a broad spectrum of stakeholders to achieve our goal to ‘remineralise the earth’.

Founded by Ian (also known as dad to many of us) has spent many years honing and developing our mineral range of fertilisers to be the amazing products they are today.  Soil health and farming has literally been a lifelong learning experience for him.

Ian has an intensive organic and biological farming background with over 20 years growing a range of vegetables, cereals and stock grazing.  He provides consultancy support and advice to a number of individuals and groups having great success in improving soil structure, health and fertility.

He has been an avid ambassador in converting conventional famers to understand natural farming principles. In his career, Ian has previously spent five years as a director of Biological Farmers Australia (BFA) in which he spent those years still growing Munash whilst promoting a sustainable, profitable and dynamic organic industry throughout Victoria.  His work at BFA brought him in contact with wholesales, producers, consultants, farmers and industries.   During this time he developed new markets for organic produce in Australia and overseas.  This saw him becoming a consultant for a Japanese purchasing company for organic produce.

Ian formed partnerships with government and other bodies to influence the leaders about natural farming practices and policies.  Ian has spent his working life promoting the benefits of soil health and natural farming to a range of diverse people in communities within Australia and visitors from Overseas.

“Learn to feed the soil and let the plants feed themselves”