Women’s bodies are often ruled by very different needs to men, with hormones playing a rather big cameo in nutrients needed, hence women health fixes being very distinctive to those of men.

There are many herbs that are specifically supportive of women’s health and can increase energy levels, libido, hormonal balancing, and bring pain relief.

Here’s our top suggestions for herbs to grow in your patch, turning your yard into a natural first aid kit laden with healing properties at your fingertips to aid women.

*Of course, please consult medical advice if the health issue is serious!

Evening Primrose – Supports hair and skin vitality as it has high levels of essential fatty acids, plus relieves inflammation. It is best known for relieving PMS pain, but also is great for hormonal acne, and promoting healthy hormone production.

Nettles – These mineral dense green machines are high in iron and greatly assist anaemia, so can be very helpful pre and post menstruation cycles, after childbirth and in cases of miscarriage. It is also beneficial for kidneys, UTI’s and seasonal allergies.

Chamomile – Studies reveal chamomile to be very effective in reducing stomach cramps, so this is an essential in the garden to combat menstrual stomach cramps. It is also great for anxiety and a distressed disposition, two bi products of period pain. Its calming effect is also great for bringing on sleep, so women experiencing sleepless nights from night sweats and other problems attributed from menopause will benefit from taking it.

Red Clover – Many women who go through menopause are prone to experiencing weight gain, hot flashes, bone density loss, fatigue and other symptoms. Red Clover has similar chemical makeup to estrogen, the female hormone which declines with menopause, so is very beneficial to women in the throes of menopause.

Ginger – A great go-to for nausea, upset stomach and or vomiting. The properties in ginger cleverly slow downs the intestinal tract if it is irritated or convulsing and decreases gas production.

Red Raspberry Leaf – Pregnant women are often advised to drink raspberry leaf tea to aid a short labor, with studies showing those who drink it may have reduced birthing issues, as it is believed to strengthen uterine muscles, tone pelvic floor and assist in breastmilk supply.

Oils to use from herbs via an oil burner:

Lavender – A gentle natural healer, it is beneficial to women’s reproductive systems and can also assist high blood pressure, hair loss and anxiety.

Geranium – Such a pretty plant, it is known to balance women’s hormones and emotional state. Used as an essential oil, it is known to aid health for women all over the wold.

Rose – With its light fragrant aroma, rose is tremendous to relieve stress via creating an instantly harmonious environment.  Adding some drops of oil for a breast massage is recommend! Rose is known to open up the heart.


Words by Hey Hoe Let’s Grow.