Why Munash and Why Minerals?

We are lucky. We love our job – it’s more like a mission/a way of life. We are a wellness company that makes minerals for the soil and you. We never get sick of the question what is Rockdust? In fact it’s our favourite question to be asked. Our eyes light up and if you let us, we will spend hours talking about it.

It’s a privilege to be asked to come to your garden and take a walk around with you. That is probably one of the most amazing things we do. You see, we get to go behind the scenes and hear your stories, share your pure joy of what has grown so well, or how the family comes together in the backyard for meals.

Gardens are all about connection. A place to dream big, to overcome failures of things that don’t work and all gardeners have plenty of stories of what hasn’t worked! It’s a place of sharing and it is by far the most authentic place you will come by. Gardens have a way of stirring something in your soul and heart.

Do you know what we love most about these sacred garden tours is the tremendous look of pride on the owners faces as they tell me their story. We did a delivery in Melbourne recently and as always, we were invited in to come and take a look. It was as soon as we opened the gate, we could feel the connection and love that this garden showed. The front was an incredible intimate garden with edibles and oramentals that happily hugged the alfresco area of the garden. Then as we wandered down further it opened up. We found ourselves drawn to these incredible sculptures and roses, and commented how spectacular they looked. It was then we found out that this is where the couple got married, and she had those roses in her bouquet. Seriously – does it not get any better than that!

This is why we do what we do.

Because families live here.  Communities live here.  People live here.  Love lives in gardens.

Sometimes it’s may only be one person who lives there too, but the things they grow they share with the people they love. No matter who you are, you share a garden with people who matter the most to you. 

The reason why we created an organic fertiliser business was to be the back bone to these gardens. We wanted to bring simplicity and wellness to gardens so that you have more time to share and connect in the garden.

You know what we love best, is when we tell people we have an organic fertiliser business. We see their eyes roll back and think well that’s interesting. Then, we tell them our WHY and that’s when they change and see a different way to view what organic fertiliser does for everyone. We are only just beginning with our mission. Our Retail Division hit “National” status last year, but we are far from over.

We are here to bring a sense of fun, wellness, connection, vibrancy and energy to this once dormant and traditional industry.

If you would love us to come visit your garden, we would be honoured to hear your story. Please get in touch with us.

Big love, from the rad team of Munash