Veggie Burgers

OK, this one isn’t so much a recipe as it is an excuse to use up whatever beans and spices we may have on hand…  sometimes I sneak in a bit of grated zucchini, or beetroot, or pumpkin.  But it’s always delicious, easy to make and definitely satisfying for growing bellies!


Veggie Burgers:

Ingredients (makes 4 burgers)

2 cups beans (whatever beans you’ve got laying around!)

1 egg

½ cup breadcrumbs

½ cup cooked grains (brown rice is our fave!)


Then throw in anything else you feel like on the day!

Onion or shallot

Grated veggies (maybe some sweet potato!)

Spices (we LOVE smoked paprika)

A bit of tahini or sesame seeds

Some gutsy herbs like oregano or rosemary



Pulse your beans, onion and spices until they make a coarse mixture

Add your egg, plus any other “wet” ingredients (like tahini) and your cooked grains or seeds and pulse a few times (don’t mix too long, you don’t want your rice to get gummy)

Last mix in the breadcrumbs to help the whole thing hold together

Form your burgers into patties and pan fry them in good quality olive oil over a medium heat.  Fry them until their bottoms are brown and you’re confident to flip them, apx 5 minutes.  Then flip and repeat.

Then chuck ‘em in a bun with some homemade tomato relish, lettuce, cheese and cucumber.  YUMMMMM!