Scrolling through Instagram posts of living rooms saturated with lush green foliage can be intimidating when you’re wanting to bring a little plant life into your own home and not knowing where to start. But it totally doesn’t have to be! We’ve got a list of 5 easy to care for plants that with a little love will have your home feeling fresher every day!

Pothos: Devils Ivy is a no fuss trailing plant suitable for almost any space! They thrive in bright indirect light, but are still happy in that lower lit corner that could use a little pep! Pothos is a vine that will spill out of a hanging planter but it’ll look bouncy. To keep your Devils Ivy happy, let the soil dry out between waterings. Nothing will make this plant lose its bounce quicker than soggy soil. Fertilise every 2 weeks during the growing season. It’s a speedy grower in Spring and Summer which is great because you can take cuttings and propagate easily in water to create more plants!

Sansevieria: Snake Plant does best in moderate indirect light but can cope with lower light areas of the home. They don’t like too much water at all which makes them ideal if you’re busy! The soil should be completely dried out between waterings, and you should water the soil and avoid wetting the leaves with this one. Due to its thick vertical leaves, water can easily get stuck in between the stalks (rhizomes) and cause root rot. A snake plant will do well being watered only once a month, and requires fertiliser twice a year. It’s a perfect low maintenance plant!

Peace Lily: Peace lilies are great if you are wanting some blooms in your home! They are full, lush and one of the best air purifying plants for indoors! Not to mention, they are very easy to look after! These guys will give you subtle signs of what they need long before things get dire. They prefer medium to low light, so keep away from that hot window! Water weekly but keep an eye on what it’s telling you. Peace lilies enjoy a good deep watering but like to dry out before the next shower. Pop your finger in the top 3 cms of soil to test for moisture. Crunchy leaves are a sign of too little water. Yellowing foliage is a sign it may be getting too much sun! The foliage is usually thick and lush but prone to getting dusty, so i’ts good idea to mist and wipe the leaves regularly to keep your plant healthy. Fertilizing in Spring promotes plant health and growth of lovely white flowers!

Spider Plant: Spider Plants are another hardy one for hanging planters and have so much to give! They prefer bright indirect light, but are known to grow well in the shade. They love well draining soil, so a planter with a drainage hole is a must! If you don’t want it dripping on your floor, simply water your plant in the sink or bath allowing it to drain out excess water before returning it to its original spot. Now I mentioned they have so much to give, because they shoot out little plantlets pretty quickly, especially when getting fertilised through spring and summer. These plantlets can be snipped off and planted directly into a new pot of soil to make new plants! Spider plants also produce lovely little white flowers which are underrated and sometimes missed among their plantlet shoots.

Rubber Plant: Rubber Plants can be the large statement plant in your home. These guys are trees and can grow well over 15 metres tall! You will get the fastest and strongest growth by positioning your Rubber Plant in bright indirect light, but they will tolerate medium light. Your rubber plant will love a deep watering once a week in the warmer months, but you can relax a little in Winter and take it back to every 2 weeks. It all depends on its position and how much light it receives, so just keep an eye on it and test the soil to make sure it’s not soggy. Fertilise your plant during Spring and repot if it’s getting root bound. You’ll be able to tell if the pot feels super tight and you can see it’s roots appearing out the drainage holes. Finally, carefully mist and wipe down leaves to keep it fresh and healthy! The last thing you want is to clog up the pores of these gorgeous leaves because when they get damaged, they scar and will be marked forever.

These 5 plants are not only low maintenance and gorgeous, but they each have their own unique foliage. Combining the different textures and colours will add body and life to compliment each other. So pair them up, or get all five! Your plants will be thriving and working to freshen your home in no time!

To really reap the health benefits these guys will bring into your life and home, nourish them with the organic natural minerals of Munash Organics Indoor Plant Soil Food and Foliage Spray! When your plants are healthier, you are healthier!

Words by guest blogger Greening Spaces.