Christmas time can be a big old plastic jungle for gift choices, filled with items with a shelf life of six months (if you’re lucky), which often reach the back of the cupboard where you store your other useless crap by the time the Lions Club Christmas Cake has gone stale.

Green gifts are such a better choice not only for the planet, but it speaks volumes about the thought taken out for the recipient from the giver. Giving green means you care for the wellbeing of the recipient. It’s basically a big old love bomb.

Do you have someone in your life that adores nature, or is just starting to dip their toes into the exciting and uncharted waters in that arena? Well before you leap right into the giving of green : be mindful that growing gifts need to be well thought out.

First thing you have to consider is that if you give a pot of green to someone be mindful of how much time they have to keeping that specimen alive and thriving.

It’s vital that you take time out to research it yourself or ask your local nursery person if the plant is an annual or perennial : meaning it will only last a year or longer. Ask other questions such as what kind of maintenance does it need, how big does it grow, is it for interior or outdoor use? For allergy sufferers always consider if that plant is going to play havoc with their sinuses etc. Basically ensure that whatever gift you give that it will work well with that person’s environment.

Bursts of colour are great, but often short lived if it’s an annual plant, so take into account how long things will be active in nature. It’s like a pop up shop…it does disappear in time.

There is a mountain of choices to be made when it comes to green gifting. And it doesn’t always have to be a gift that is growing. It can be a book about gardening spaces, a gardening tool, a handcrafted pot, some lights for the garden to bring people together under the warm Summer night sky, a bag of compost (seriously, poo is really exciting to a true green thumb), a weather station to observe the patterns of our climate, or a handmade insect motel that costs zero money to make from found objects, and will bring biodiversity to your green space.

The gift of green living is a special and marvellous thing, and so much more sustainable than the plastic gunk choking up our planet. At Munash Organics one of our best sellers is the Indoor Plant Food & Foliage Spray. Used together like any good combo (think how much better your hair is with an intermittent dose of shampoo plus conditioner), they sprinkle magic onto interior plants. Ease your mind that it is 100% organic and safe to use around pets and children. The best bit is they are simple to use and come in uber cute packaging, lovingly put together by the team at Munash Organics. If it’s an inexpensive gift for the green thumb in your world you are searching for, look no further. Couple it with a small maiden hair fern for the bathroom or a gigantic Monstera (Swiss Cheese) plant for the living area and that is the true gift of green giving sorted.

Words by Hey Hoe Let’s Grow