Christmas is on our doorstep. It’s the time of giving. It also can be the time of year for over commercialisation and stress, depending upon how you approach things. How often do we spend more time and energy stressing on ‘What am I going to buy (insert relatives name here)?!!” than a calm considered thoughtful approach to the season? How many of us find ourselves instead in a tailspin, in a flurry of impulse purchasing, only ending up taking home some generic piece of crap which won’t be appreciated, nor does it enhance your feelings of the joy in gift giving.

There is quite an art to marry the perfect gift for the recipient. And it certainly is not an attribute we all possess. But with a bit of forethought, pre-planning and timing, it’s an achievable thing.

The most thoughtful gift you can give someone who appreciates nature, identifies with gifts with a conscience, and is a gardener, is the gift of green. I don’t know a gardener on the planet who would not appreciate a potted wonder, an edible produce powerhouse, or even (and yes it’s something that will take the non-gardeners time to get their head around) a big old pile of manure in a trailer for Christmas. I recall hearing renowned rare plant specialist and nurseryman Stephen Ryan from Dicksonia Rare Plants on ABC Melbourne talking to then radio host Hilary Harper during their gardening segment, how the best gift he ever received was a trailer load full of manure tied up with a bow. Upon hearing these words, I felt myself, along with every single gardener listening in, nodding their head in agreement.

So, for the love of the planet, and for the recipient to really know you’ve tried your best to get a meaningful gift, why not try to buy something sustainable, recycled, repurposed or green.

If you are stuck, here’s some little gift inspo for you. Mostly are green geared, but some are just ethically geared and good for the planet. Either way, it’s a win.

Homegrown gifts : Propagating your own plants as gifts, home-made herb baskets/hanging baskets from your own garden, Bush tucker starter kit, Homegrown Fruit baskets.

DIY/Home Made Gifts – e.g., home remedies, cordials, jams/chutneys, beeswax wraps, loofas, soaps, essential oils, cleaning products, dried flowers, potpourri, seed saving, pressed flowers and pressed flowers, homemade seed tape, seed bombs, tussie mussie, and dried herbs bouquets

DIY Seed Diary/Gardener Diary made of recycled paper

Herb Drying Rack

Home made worm farms, mushroom boxes

Love Vouchers – IOU vouchers e.g. I owe you a day’s work in the garden pulling up your weeds

Hampers containing wonders from the patch

Floral Gifts

Regifted gardening books

Ethical Gift Giving – e.g. Community Aid Abroad, Thank You, Edgars Mission merchandise, buy a well/community goat/sponsor an endangered species/make a charitable donation on behalf of your recipient, buy a tree from Fifteen Trees

That should get the creative juices flowing.

Now, did we also mention how very damn cute our Munash Organics Indoor Plant Care Range is for the crazy plant lovers in your word? Search it out at your local nursery, boutique stockist and seller of cool stuff. We guarantee it to be a great last minute gift idea for interstate relatives to quickly package up and scoot down to the post office to get to them in time for Santa’s big day.

Words by Hey Hoe Let’s Grow.