As humans we hold a great deal of responsibility to the planet.

One of the most sobering thoughts is that we are custodians of the land and hold a duty to it, ensuring it is always being replenished.

Happy Soil, Happy Plants, Happy People, Happy Planet.

Soil is a living organism. So it makes sense that it needs to constantly have life and other matter put back into it to replenish it.

What does the term Happy Biology mean? It all boils down to soil. If you serve your soil, any damage done over the years of production gleaning the best minerals and microbes, can be fixed if you repair and rejuvenate the composition of your soil. Leave it be and it will continue to limp along, giving lackluster results.

To bring out the best for your plants, Munash Organics have produced a bunch of cool, non-toxic, easy to use items to add to your gardening tool kit, ready to pull out and repair the soil. These include our Power Trio of the Three R’s: Renew, Revitalize and Rockdust.

We derive our Rockdust from a local Central Victorian quarry, recycling debris left behind from mining, which normally would be discarded. It is a combination of basalt and granite, amongst other minerals, and in essence replicates the volcanoes of centuries ago leaving behind healthy sediment over our soils post-eruption. When you scatter Munash Organics Rockdust around your soil, it mimics the goodness volcanic lava of yesteryears, in a natural way. Not only does it fertilize plants, Rockdust also greatly assists the water retention of the soil, and encourages good bacteria to create microbes, bringing on an abundance of life to our soils.

Revitalize is our special blend of mineral rich organic compost, which we have been developing for over five years. It benefits the soil by restoring balance, promoting healthy roots and creating perfect harmony for your plants.

Munash Organics Renew is our certified organic liquid fertiliser specially curated from seaweed extract from Tasmania’s oceans, laden with trace elements your garden will adore.

We cannot separate ourselves from our actions and their consequences on Mother Earth. But we can make a difference to our soils and the planet, for the betterment for ourselves, our families and our community around us.

Words by Hey Hoe Let’s Grow