Ask any serious gardener what their secret to their healthy productive growth, and time and time again you’ll receive the exact same answer. Soil.

Soil health is vital to the health of plants and veggies. As a gardener the quest for good soil is at the forefront of all our minds. Soil composition can be enhanced by many ways – but all the best solutions involve organics.

Here’s three simple tips to consider to make your humble veggie patch turn into a thriving backyard supermarket….

1). Make mini compost stations in your garden out of a piece of 40 cm agriculture pipe. Cut some holes about the size of a 20 cent coin out along the pipe so worms can make their way in about the pipe to munch on the veg scraps you leave in them as a special treat in their travels.

2). Build up your soil via green manure crops. Purchase special green manure crops (ask your local nursery), or any of your old seed packets that have expired, and broadcast them on top of the dirt, dig in with a rake. Once the growth is approx 50 cms or so, cut back and let the greenery that has grown drop, but leave about 20 cms of the plant including roots (called Cut & Drop method). This will expire into the ground adding nutrients to increase the soil texture. After 2 or so weeks you can dig all the roots in that you’ve left behind and allow them to gradually decompose into the earth.

3). Regularly add compost, including aged manure. Never put fresh manure on soil – let it decompose in the compost bay first. Too rich, it will burn plants making the exercise pointless. Certainly do this as you pull out one crop of veg and replace with another. Allow a few weeks for the compost to settle in prior to planting.

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