1). How long have you been working with Munash Organics?

Bec, our fabulous manager and head honcho, approached me around 18 months ago with an unheard of and rather revolutionary idea of designing a photographic series of ‘flat lay’ fertiliser shots.  The series needed to encompass the essences of food, family, nourishment and life.  She’s so darn articulate that I could just visualise her ideas instantly – and thus my Munash journey began.

Before I knew it, I was composing arty fertiliser photographs, complete with delicious home grown produce basking in the afternoon light……and LOVING every minute of it!

I now work as a Brand Manager at Munash and have to say, that this is THE MOST rewarding and enriching job I’ve ever had.  I honestly pinch myself on a daily basis…. Surely this isn’t work? I even have a very official sounding job title that makes me feel all kinds of wonderful.

2). Describe a typical day in your job at Munash Organics :

Well…. There really isn’t anything typical about working at Munash Organics…. This is a job that encompasses many and varied tasks and undertakings, always approached with an incredible amount of vigor and enthusiasm.  There’s hard work.  There’s laughter.  There’s love.

I work with a team of incredible ladies who are continually lifting each other up, and any work day spent with these delightful women leaves me with a goofy, grateful smile on my dial.

3). What is your favourite thing about your job?

The women I work with.  I’m grateful beyond words to have them all in my life.

4). Who or what inspires you?

From a very young age I’ve been inspired by art.  I’m a huge fan of Abstract Expressionism and Mid-Century Architecture. I’m also deeply inspired by kind, selfless humans…. let’s face it…they’re rare.

5). What is your favourite food?


6). If you were a vegetable, what would you be?

I actually found myself thinking about this for a long time! Perhaps a broad bean. I remember picking them from the vege patch as a kid, and they were definitely my fav.

7). Do you have family, and/or pets? Describe your household.

I have two glorious children, a ginger menace cat, and a rescue dog who wants to be cuddled pretty much constantly (which actually suits me rather well – I do love a cuddle)

8). Do you have any hobbies?

In my spare moments I enjoy painting and playing guitar.  Having lengthy conversations with my 16-year-old is also something I look forward to doing in the spare moments.  I also enjoy dancing…badly…in front of the children in public spaces.  It’s a mother’s prerogative to embarrass her children with daggy dancing.

9). What’s your one gardening tip you love to tell people?

Don’t over water your indoor babies.  Oh, and use Munash products…naturally.

10. If you could change one thing in the world to help the planet/humanity, what would it be?

Just be kind.  Always be kind.  It’s the most underrated, endearing productive, and powerful quality a human could possess.