1). How long have you been working with Munash Organics?

12 amazing years. I started in 2007. Crazy right?!

2). Describe a typical day in your job at Munash Organics :

In a short sentence it is exhilarating, and full-on fun. It’s an absolute joy to come to work. It’s a thrill to be honest, because no two days are the same. For example, today I loaded up stock on a forklift, then next minute I’m organizing our Showcase garden here at Munash Organics HQ, and the next I’ll be speaking to the coolest of people in our amazing industry, and next helping customers fulfilling an order literally loading product into their car, and then back to the desk to arrange strategic planning for the forthcoming years. You create what day you want at Munash Organics. There’s never a set structure or strategy to what we do and somehow it all works. Without fail, at the end of every day I say to my husband Shan “You’ll never guess what happened today!” and there’s something extraordinary I share with him that has blown my mind. At Munash Organics we all share the mundane, so we all can share the fabulous highs as well. And most importantly we laugh. All the staff love being here, it’s got such a good energy, and you feel like you get to work with your besties.

3). What is your favourite thing about your job?

The People. Easily. Whether it’s customers, retailers, suppliers, the farmers etc., the people are key. The whole philosophy about Munash Organics is connections. I’ve said this from the day I started : you can only ask people if they want to do things and it’s amazing that it’s always followed with a “Yes”. Our products are geared towards the best organics, and we always want to know that we develop products that are safe to use for pets, children, families and that’s the touch point of all our things in our business.

4). Who or what inspires you?

People who have the courage to do something different, and be themselves. I think there’s no greater joy in watching someone in their natural element. It’s the every day people that inspire me the most. My kids, my husband, my colleagues – it’s all the people that surround me the most. It’s the brands that I work with who are channeling the industry and doing things differently for the greater good.

5). What is your favourite food?

Anything shared. Anything you can use your hands with. That’s my type of food.

6). If you were a vegetable, what would you be?

Something different, and unusual. Globe Artichoke.

7). Do you have family, and/or pets? Describe your household.

Utter chaos mixed with utter joy. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s such a fun environment. We made a choice many years ago with my husband Shan that if we had a family we wanted to be the cool family. You have kids for a reason, and they don’t have to fit in with your life, but they DO enhance your life. My kids bring out the best in us. They handle our craziness. And we couldn’t do it without them. It’s amazing to have a husband that backs me 100% with my mad ideas and crazy life. Declan is 11yo and Ally is 9yo and they have been with me since day dot of Munash Organics, and they are utterly infused in this business. I’ve run my business hours around my kids to ensure I can pick them up after school and hang out from 3pm – 6pm. I’m happy to sit up at 9pm or later to finish my wok as a result. Russell our dog is a 3yo boxer and he was rehomed from my brother in law Kendell. We love him.

8). Do you have any hobbies?

Gardening ironically, is what I love most. It’s my stress relief. It’s what connects me and balances me. I love that life reflects the garden – nature teaches you what you have to learn. It reflects that if you don’t look after the garden it gets sick, just like humans. Catching up with friends is my time out of work – cheering my mates on, is what fills my cup up. I attend a lot of social functions and love being part of community.

9). What’s your one gardening tip you love to tell people?

Just start. Just have a go. Don’t think about anything else and its complexities. Whether it’s indoor plants, to veggies – just give it a go. No one knows anything to start with. So just start.

10. If you could change one thing in the world to help the planet/humanity, what would it be?

Kindness. At the end of the day, it is what life’s all about. I think that’s the most important gift you can give anything and anyone.