1). How long have you been working with Munash Organics?

     Mmm… 3-4 years? Is this mark going towards my ATAR score?

2). Describe a typical day in your job at Munash Organics :

      When I first arrive, I discretely wipe crumbs and other questionable matter off my desk then pretend to know the computer login first go. I enter bills, get excited when I see customer payments, get excited again hearing how Ian went at the sheep sales, become thrilled seeing product piling up around me and sales multiplying, become quietly smug when I work out a complex financial problem and simply buzzing when I remember I am working in a rural environment with a fun team.

3). What is your favourite thing about your job?

      Coming to work knowing your input is important and valued, being part of a creative team and having the most flexible family working arrangement ever!

4). Who or what inspires you?

      Women in business who don’t hold back, show passion, drive, commitment, a can-do attitude, are flexible in their thinking – sound like someone we all know?

5). What is your favourite food?


6). If you were a vegetable, what would you be?

     A ripe tomato – squishy on both the inside and outside.

7). Do you have family, and/or pets? Describe your household.

     1 husband, 2 sons, 1 daughter, 1 dog, 13 sheep, 74 chickens

8). Do you have any hobbies?

      Eating chocolate, family time, reading newspaper/novel in peace, Real Estate, mowing the lawn, sorting and stacking wood (ask me for a pic of my stack!), gardening, family time, quilling.

9). What’s your one gardening tip you love to tell people?

      Mass plant – same plant, multiple times. Looks awesome!

10. If you could change one thing in the world to help the planet/humanity, what would it be?

     That all mankind be considerate and tolerant of others.