Secrets to effective seed raising 


There’s nothing more disheartening than pouring time and effort into planting a seed, enjoying the trill of watching it slowly poke it’s nose out of the soil only to see it perish literally before your eyes. 

Raising food from seeds can be alluding for the newbie, but here’s some simple tips to help… 

First up, check if your seed grows best in punnets or direct into the ground. 

If planting in punnets, where possible use the very best high quality organic seed raising mix you can. To save costs you can buy budget mix and build it up yourself with some compost, coco peat, worm castings, sand and aged animal manure….and of course add a sprinkle of our Rock Minerals to make everything grow! 

If you can afford the premium Australian ‘five ticks’ Standards Mark (similar to the one you see on white goods etc), then do so. It’s also important to check how old the mix is – anything over five months old the mirco-organisms will have most likely already used up the bulk of the nutrients, so ensure it’s the freshest you can get. 

It’s also advisable to use fresh seeds. Some last for years, whereas others like parsnip only last for one year. 

The other vital thing is to water daily. Fine seeds like carrot, cabbage, parsley etc may only need a fine mist from a spray bottle, eliminating the fear of drowning the seeds – whereas bigger seeds do well to have a bit of a soak. Emerging seedlings also love a weekly dose of a sea mineral fertiliser (like our Renew) 

The love of growing food will increase if you take on these tips – better yields will make gardening much more enjoyable. 

Growing your own food is much more meaningful than grabbing it off the supermarket shelf – homegrown comes from the heart, there’s connection involved and it tells a story. Why don’t you give growing your food today direct from seed. To be part of the process from scratch is thoroughly rewarding as you see the full cycle. We promise you’ll be hooked in no time!