What does it mean to be truly seasonal?  

It means you literally only eat food that is ripe on the vine, in the ground or on the trees in that precise moment in time in your neck of the woods. 

Eating seasonal produce forces you to make more creative and resourceful recipe choices as you have less options to cook with, but it actually de-clutters things and opens up a world of minimisation.  

It ensures the food you eat is ripe and fresh as it hasn’t travelled too many food miles to get to your mouth, as opposed to say living in colder Australian Southern states and purchasing bananas and other Summer crops which are heavily frozen to survive the trip from vine to supermarket. 

Getting to know what is seasonal allows you to truly embrace and learn about weather, why food grows in that season (be it hot or cold weather). It educates about plant structure and composition, and reveals the secrets of why that particular plant survives better in different times of the year. 

Another huge benefit of eating seasonally is that Mother Nature has a magical way of providing food to boost your immune system exactly when you need it. A classic example of this is when the weather cools and suddenly the citrus appear. It’s no coincidence that the Vitamin C in citrus wards off colds and flu. 

You can eat seasonally if you garden or not. Not only does it eradicate waste, it sends a message to producers that you appreciate their efforts.  

Eating seasonally is something that also feels traditional. Our not so distant ancestors certainly lived this way as the norm. It seems somewhere along the way life became about ‘more, more, more’ forever adding options – it can make your head spin! Stripping back to basics and eating seasonally is rewarding, gets us back to Mother Nature whilst allowing you to appreciate The Simple Things, and seems to make a lot of sense with it’s practicality.  

Why not give it a go – challenge yourself to eat only seasonal produce for a week where possible and you’ll discover a whole new world of making ripe ready produce the hero dish of every meal.