Remineralisation shouldn’t cost the earth!

Munash garden market products contribute to an international campaign to ‘remineralise the earth’ based on research established by

The research focuses on the notion that erosion and human usage has severely demineralised soils across the world and as a result plants and the humans who consume them, are not receiving the essential minerals required in building structural support and iron to carry oxygen.

Plants growing on mineral-depleted soil do not get nourishment required to grow and are more vulnerable to the insects, worms and fungi that destroy them.

Remineralisation has the ability to aid growth of microorganisms in the soil and increase the nutrient intake of plants, making them highly resistant to insects, disease, frosts, and droughts.

Changes in weather patterns over the last few years have seen the country suffer from extreme weather conditions, this coupled with overuse of conventional fertilisers has meant gardens don’t ‘pop’ like they use to.

Munash are dedicated soil health advocates. Their belief that ‘great things shouldn’t cost the earth’ is supported by a consideration for how products will impact on the planet and this philosophy is what guides the manufacturing of all Munash products.

The response is that Munash offer valued distributors and customers the opportunity to sell and purchase products that will educate both audiences on how to get the best out of gardens, while caring for the earth.