Whether you grow food in a few pots on a balcony, you have a rooftop garden oasis, a pretty flower garden in a riot of colours, a full-scale garden with fruit orchards plus all the green bells & whistles, gardeners are a group of humans who truly understand the joy of growing. 

Gardening gives the green-thumb an outlet to unlock their creative side, to unplug from everyday life and enrich all of the senses. Plus the benefits to mental health are well documented, as the old saying goes ‘Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes”. 

Of course one of the most wondrous aspects about gardening is that it provides a place to escape, even fantasise, but ultimately it provides practical things : foods, medicines and other life giving rewards. Things that sustain us as humans.  

One of the biggest benefits about gardening is the connect with nature it provides. It is vital we drag ourselves away from the screens and the energy it omits, and breathe in fresh air whilst eyeballing lush green and colourful things from the natural world. Even just a walk around a park to appreciate some trees for a mere thirty minutes a day is proven to make us healthier and improve our wellbeing. 

The ability to provide food for ourselves became a lost art to some in our fast-paced technology driven society. Luckily for the planet it’s encountering a comeback and humans are once again embracing the power of growing their own food or enhancing their local environment in other ways. 

On top of that, a whole new generation are gravitating towards do it yourself career choices such as growing food en masse to sell to their community : be it their neighbours via country road side stalls, community market stalls, or restaurants/cafes. The current trend with young twenty-somethings in the indoor planting game is indication of a whole new breed of gardener wanting to greenify their immediate worlds. 

 Whatever the reason for picking up a trowel and getting your hands in the soil, the future for our planet is all the more secured with these small but impactful gestures.