We have the best fun delivering our stock to our customers. Especially when it involves children.

We supply our special blended compost Revitalise and Rockdust to a handful of Early Learning Centres around the country, and one we particularly love to pop into is the Moonee Ponds Early Learning Centre, which runs the fabulous Playground To Plate program.

Meeting the excited children always puts a smile on our face. Equally the staff’s passion for teaching the kids where food comes from is also infectious.

Run by Shelley, food garden program educator, their weekly garden class based on food and garden curriculum focuses on changing the relationship children have with food from infancy through to school age.

Shelley works in consultation with the staff, centre chef and of course with the children. After all, they are often the best teachers.

Their ethos is impactful : “We believe by implementing a food garden we can revolutionize the way children think about food and the environment by learning how the food system works, how food is grown, and the value of preparing and sharing healthy food together.”

The garden beds are sprinkled all throughout the children’s play area, which is set on a huge sun drenched balcony. This ensures that the children are always surrounded by the gardens, and can observe the food growing on a daily basis. When you constantly immerse children in nature, it becomes a big part of their lives.

Whilst visiting the centre, we were especially impressed with the highly equipped Kitchen. The amazing Kitchen staff set a menu based on what is growing in the garden, which the children harvest, creating nutritious meals for the kids daily. This means the process truly goes full circle : from growing to harvesting to cooking. And the children benefit greatly from the whole experience.

Munash Organics products are perfect for these types of settings, as all our items are 100% non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets. Get in touch with us today if you are from the educational sector and wanting to know more about which of our specially blended organics would suit your spaces.

Words by Hey Hoe Let’s Grow