What happens when two Ballarat entities meet up over a cup of coffee and hatch a brilliant plan to combine their powers to collaborate to greenify local interiors?

Plant Tastic, your Ballarat based Indoor Plant Stylings and Plant Hire brought to you by Greening Spaces and Munash Organics is what happens! Plus a hell of a lot of green magic.

Harnessing the passion & prowess of the green thumb (Greening Spaces), and utlising the organic goodness of Indoor Plant Food & Spray Range specialists (Munash Organics), melds a powerful synergy of likeminded plant enthusiasts. Ok, Crazy Plant Ladies!! We are more than happy to own that title. And with that combination : SHAZAM! Greening Spaces/Munash Organics wonder twin powers ACTIVATE!

Indoor Plant Styling : Make your office, home, café, gallery etc totally POP and become more green. We style your space in consultation with you, and our regular maintenance visits bring the love to your indoor plants with Munash Indoor Plant Range products.

Indoor Plant Fit Outs/Rentals : Short term hire options for those selling their homes and wishing to bring a little life to the space; props for an event/party/wedding/special occasion etc; photo shoots – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Services only available in Ballarat.


Kelly Grundy, Ballarat based founder of Greening Spaces, surrounds herself in green living. Her main aim in life is to beautify the planet via her newly launched indoor plant installation and maintenance business Greening Spaces.

“We have so many synthetic objects around us, it’s so fulfilling to surround yourself with green.”

Kel’s creative passion for indoor plants escalated quickly, so much so her home-based hobby turned into a business almost overnight, and is much sought after for her prowess and care for her greenery.

She has a highly tuned innate affinity with plants, and spends all of her spare time researching, nurturing and experimenting with indoor plants. Kel possess a highly tuned can-do attitude, and her passion, view of life and bubbly personality is infectious.

A true crime lover and gifted photographer, Kel is also an active volunteer at Food Is Free Inc., a group dedicated to food security issues and feeding those in her community with nourishing home grown food, plus teaching tools in self-sufficiency and gardening. She also loves pottering in the kitchen and her catering background means she whips up a mean dessert.

An avid watcher and reader of all things gardening related, coupled with a hunger for culture and music, she touts her gardening hero is Millie Ross from Gardening Australia.

She also makes her own homemade planter pots for her boutique business Brutanik, which she sells at weekend design markets.

A self-confessed plant nerd, her quirky sense of humour is one of her gifts.


Indoor plants not only make your interiors come alive but they are also of great health benefit to us.

Whether it is one or two jaw-dropping feature plants, or a plethora of potted whimsy poking out of every nook, indoor plants dramatically transform a room’s mood. Indoor greenery is also proven to be excellent for our health and wellbeing. Houseplants are a mood improver – they reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem, whilst reducing depression considerably. By pumping more oxygen into the air, plants improve concentration, memory, attention spans whilst fostering creativity, making them amazing for office environments.

Interior Plantscaping Ballarat / Indoor Plant Hire & Maintenance

Start enjoying the benefits of living plants in your workplace. Contact Kel for an obligation free site assessment & consultation via kelly@greeningspaces.com.au