Life is about BEING more

I struck this quote the other day “life is about being more, not wanting more” and it got me thinking.  We live in the age of wanting more, when more doesn’t necessarily lead to health and happiness.

Munash is all about BEING more, getting back to grass roots and working with nature.  To appreciate what is REAL and valuable in our lives, like health and family.

We often get asked time and time again at Munash, why do you use so little Rockdust – shouldn’t we be using more?  The answer quite simply is you only need a small amount to get great results when working with nature.  Putting more on your soil we are lead to believe that it will work faster and better.  A little bit like the life we lead, wanting more things faster and better than everyone else.

What I love about Munash is the simplicity of using only enough.  Nourish the soil with Rockdust with only a handful per square metre and you are playing part in nourishing nature so that she can do her job.  You are fuelling nature with the energy she needs to grow and provide us with our fuel, food from the earth to nourish ourselves and our families.

At the end of the day, we need to tread lightly on this earth and take only what we need yet at the same time we also need to give back.  Give back to health buy feeding your soil with Rockdust which will in turn feed you.

The best part, you only need a small amount to create amazing things.

Health, happiness and minerals to you.