Being responsible to keep an indoor plant alive can bring instant bunny-in-the-headlights fear in some humans who consider themselves ‘black thumbs’, but we promise, it’s actually pretty easy so long as you are attentive to their needs.

The cool thing about plants is that they’ll sure as hell tell you when they aren’t happy. Plants are pretty good at cracking the sads and having a little sook when they are stressed. You just have to learn the secret language of plants and what they are telling you. Crack that code, and you are home & hosed.

Here’s some things to watch out for :

Brown & soggy plant stems will indicate root rot – probable cause : over watering or poor drainage.

Scorched leaves – probable cause : too much direct light

Leaves falling off – Probable cause : over-watering. Poor light. Low temperatures/drafts from doorways.

Spindly growth – probable cause : not enough light.

Yellowing leaves – probable cause : over watering, not enough light, low humidity, poor drainage or drafts.

Browning leaf tips – probable cause : over fertilised, too dry, temperature too cool.

Wilting Foliage – probable cause : under watering or over watering.

The benefits of indoor plants are well documented. Apart from making your world more sexy and green, they also help your mental wellbeing, and actually make you smarter (true story – it’s because they pump more oxygen into the air and make your brain function better!)

Nature will let you know via the telltale signs of how its health is. Just remember that plants are like young children – they need the right amount of water plus food to survive, and they will totally thrive given the right conditions.

Don’t be a scardey-cat. Go forth and plantscape your home/office/communal spaces. Armed with the information we’ve just imparted, plus a regular routine of applying our very own Munash Organics Indoor Plant Food (monthly) plus Munash Organics Indoor Plant Foliage Spray (once a fortnight) and you’ll have your own lush green wonderland you can enjoy. Go on, give it a go.

Words by Hey Hoe Let’s Grow