Since the dawn of time, nature did its thing the natural way without humans feeling the urge to interfere. And all was good on Planet Earth.

Centuries later with industrialization and the advent of chemicals, humans started to tinker a little, and then with time, humans started to tinker a lot more with nature.

Soil in particular has been tampered with over the years. Mining and farming especially has changed the shape and purity of our earth.

Winding back time we know that volcanoes erupted and with that brought down lava, which turned into basalt and granite, adding fertile goodness to our top soils. As this eroded over time via human intervention and otherwise, plant life began to suffer. In essence, plant life relies on nutrients in soil to flourish.

We interviewed our Soil Yoda and Munash founder Ian Munro regarding his thoughts on soils, soil testing and how Munash products work at correcting the balance in our soils. Here’s what he had to say :

“We’ve got to actually look at what’s happening with the soil. Because that gives us the best indication to start because the visual assessment of whether it’s too high in anything is not accurate. We need to have a look and see whether we have any heavy metals showing up i.e., the likes of aluminium, which will give you lows in the soil and high compaction. And it let’s you start off and find out exactly what your soils are.”

He went on to say “Most soils are acid. And acidity is causing us major problems. And what acidity is doing is its actually shutting down all the minerals. And that’s one of the biggest problems that we are having with our soils is the lack of minerals. Because the minerals are what actually balances the soil, plus balances the plant health. But also stores water, and feeds bacteria.

So it is important to get all those things right because otherwise the water is going to be acid as well. And therefore the plants can’t get as much water as they’d like. So you’ve got to be able assess that, and when you get into testing for the soil, you then assess if it’s hard, lumpy, or sandy, and whether it will hold water or it won’t.”

Ian believes soil and our health are so interconnected “I always relate things back to the human body when it comes to soil, because I find that’s the best way.”

We asked Ian how Munash products work and how they are tested : “Munash products are always tested in the most natural way that we can find. We are testing it via energy, because energy is the thing that we are producing food wise. Our soils gives off energy so our plants can grow. Water gives energy to the planet so it can actually expand and grow. I honestly believe we have to test via energy to get the true results as to what happens. Because when you test via energy, you’ll find you get a balance much easier because you can then test for more things so the plants can work. So you test for soil, water, air and microbes. When we make up a fresh batch (of Munash product) it is all tested, every batch, so we’ve got to make sure we make a standard batch which is no different to the last one.”

His view on Rockdust, which Ian developed the special Munash Organics blend are : ”The principle of Rockdust is to balance soils. That’s the most important thing it does. It can also balance water, improve air quality, as well as it being a very very good food source for microbes. So it covers a lot of things. It does work on all soil types which keeps it very simple. “

At Munash Organics we make our products from nature, and give back to nature.

At Munash we grow food, naturally.