As the weather cools and the piles of jumpers we wear increases, it doesn’t mean your activity in the garden should cease altogether.

In fact, a great way to get the blood pumping is to venture out to the Patch and get cracking. A ten minute weed pulling session at this time of year is highly recommended. Not only is it incredibly therapeutic but you are also breathing in heaps of fresh air, which often we desperately need after sitting in stale rooms with limited air circulation over the cooler weather. It is also phenomenally satisfying to look back on your work and observe your weed free Patch. The best bit: health of your plants will invariably increase as there is no competition with weeds for nutrients.

Little and often is the key to weed eradication, and staying on top of them. Heed the warning : “One year seeding is seven years weeding”. Basically, if you let them go they are brutal – try not to let weeds go to seed, or you’ll have them forever! Time your weeding session after a downpour of rain as when the soil is wet it is much more giving when it comes to yanking on even the most stubborn of weeds. You’ll find they simply oblige when you pull at them: some of the less hardy ones even come out like soft butter on a hot knife : with total and utter ease. Cutting down your weeding time considerably.

Doing it in small spurts means it’s not overwhelming. I spend five minutes pulling them out when I go to pop the washing on the line, when I’m collecting eggs from my hen house or before I have to leave for a meeting. Of course mulch is also a great way to keep them at bay because it suppresses them, disabling weed growth.

The other real trick I learned a few years ago was that they don’t have to be the enemy when you view them with different eyes. Weeds can be put to good use by making your own weed tea. Who knew?

Step by step guide to making weed tea :

Remove weeds and place in a bucket or bin filled with water for 6 weeks fully submerged with a tight lid on.

After the few weeks have lapsed (it’s up to you to determine how long but anywhere from 2 – 3 weeks is good) remove the lid and stand back – Word of warning : it really really really stinks!

When you can comfortably breathe again without gagging, what you will find is a brown stinky sludge. Give it a good stir. Then remove the weeds, and drain the water into a watering can : mixing 1 part weed tea to 9 parts water. The reason it needs diluting is that it is nutrient laden and therefore too strong to pour straight on your plants.

This bucketful of wonderful nutrients is seriously GOLD for the garden. Mix in some Munash Organics Renew into the weed tea brew to double your impact– just one capful per 9 litre watering can is all you need.

Nothing is wasted in organic gardening world – pour the discarded weeds into your compost heap – they are great for the compost as it makes the decomposition process much more rapid.

The really excellent part about making your own weed tea is that you’re turning a bad situation into a good one. Using up resources that normally would go to waste and making good use of your weeds is a win, win situation. Give it a go this week!