Flower Power 

The symbolism of flowers and their meanings has sadly become lost in time. A recent read of The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart (a beautiful novel we recommend) has reignited the spark of wanting to know what emotional symbols flowers reflect. 

Flowers have been known for their medicinal properties, but to receive a posy of flowers from someone with a secret meaning attached is a very exciting gift indeed. Well practiced for centuries, especially in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, the secret language of flowers is called floriography (a means of cryptological communication through the use or arrangement of flowers : Wikipedia) is utterly fascinating. Hitting peak heights in Victorian times when UK and USA floral lovers exchanged small “talking bouquets”, aka nosegays or tussie-mussies, either carried or worm as fashion, most often to speak the language of love from the giver to their recipient. 

“Say it with flowers” takes on a different meaning once you unlock the secret world of floriography. Here’s the embedded symbolism in some every day flowers revealed:  

 Aster – Symbolizing love, Delicacy 

Anemone – A love that is diminishing, Vanishing hopes 

Arum Lily – Intense feeling of love 

Azalea – Passion, Fragility, Take care 

Begonia – Be cautious, A fanciful mind 

Bird of Paradise – Given by a woman to a man to symbolize faithfulness 

Bluebell – Gratitude, Constancy, Humility 

Buttercup – Riches, Childishness 

Camellia – Perfection, Gratitude 

Carnation (Red) – Aching heart, Admiration 

Chrysanthemum – Joy, Optimism, Perfection 

Cyclamen – Good-Bye, Resignation 

Clematis – Ingenuity, Artifice 

Cornflower – Refinement, Delicacy 

Daffodil – Respect, Sunshine, Unrequited love, Regard 

Dahlia- Elegance and Dignity, Forever thine 

Daisy – Beauty, Innocence, I will never tell, Loyal love, Purity 

Dandelion – Love’s oracle, Happiness, Faithfulness 

Delphinium- Fun, Big-hearted 

Elderflower – Zeal 

Everlasting (Immortal Flowers) – Never ending memory, Unfading remembrance 

Euphorbia – Persistence 

Eucalyptus – Protection 

Forget-Me-Not – As its name suggests – Forget me not, Memories, True love 

Fuchsia – Good taste 

Fern – Fascination 

Gladiolus – Strength of character, Love at first sight, Generosity 

Gardenia – Secret love, You are lovely 

Geranium – Folly, Stupidity 

Gerbera – You are the sunshine of my life 

Hibiscus – Delicate beauty, Consumed by love 

Holly – Am I forgotten, Domestic happiness, Defence, Domestic Happiness 

Hollyhock – Fruitfulness 

Hyacinth – Flower dedicated to Apollo, Rashness 

Iris – Wisdom and Valour, Faith, Promise in love, Hope 

Ivy – Affection, Friendship, Fidelity, Wedded love 

Jasmine – Love, Attachment 

Japonica – Symbol of love, Sincerity 

Jonquil – Sympathy, Desire, Affection returned, Love me, Affection Returned 

Larkspur – Lightness, An open heart, Levity 

Lily – Purity of heart, Majesty and Honour 

Lilac – Pride 

Lotus – Forgetful of the past, Estranged love 

Lavender – Devotion, Love 

Magnolia – Perseverance, Nobility 

Marigold – Sorrow, Jealousy, Caress, Pretty love, Affection, Sacred, Affection 

Nasturtium – Victory in Battle, Conquest 

Orchid  – Refinement, Beauty, Love 

Olive – Peace 

Poppy – Imagination, Oblivion, Eternal sleep 

Petunia – Your presence soothes me, Anger, Resentment, Anger 

Pansy – Merriment, Thoughtful reflection 

Queen Anne’s Lace – Fantasy 

Rose (Red) – Passion, Love 

Rose (White) – Purity, Virginity 

Rose (Yellow) – Infidelity, Jealousy 

Rose (Pink) – Grace and Sweetness, Secret love, Perfect happiness, Secret Love 

Rosemary – Remembrance 

Rhododendron – I am dangerous, Danger, Beware 

Sunflower – Pride, False riches 

Snowdrop – Consolation, Hope 

Snapdragon – Strength, Gracious lady 

Sweet William Gallantry – Grant me one smile 

Sweet Pea – Thank you for a lovely time, Blissful pleasure, Departure, Good-by 

Tulip (General) – Fame, Perfect lover 

Violet – Modesty 

Water Lily – Purity of heart 

Wallflower – Lasting beauty, Fidelity, Faithful in adversity 

Wisteria – Welcome 

Zinnia – Thoughts of absent friends 

Words by Hey Hoe Let’s Grow