The Gift of Green This Xmas

Christmas is on our doorstep. It’s the time of giving. It also can be the time of year for over commercialisation and stress, depending upon how you approach things. How often do we spend more [...]

Women’s Health Herbs

Women’s bodies are often ruled by very different needs to men, with hormones playing a rather big cameo in nutrients needed, hence women health fixes being very distinctive to those of men. There [...]

Summer Herbs

Any clever gardener knows that a dish instantly graduates from good to bloody great when made with the use of fresh herbs. Adding an incomparable flavor dimension, they really are an essential [...]


If you are a new gardener or have a new space to play with, it usually takes about three to four years to properly know the patterns of your space. I find it takes those couple of seasons to tick [...]

Companion Planting

Like all good symbiotic partnerships, companion planting works on the notion of one plant bringing out the best in the other. This can mean many things, including carefully combined plantings to [...]

Top 5 Easy Care Indoor Plants

Scrolling through Instagram posts of living rooms saturated with lush green foliage can be intimidating when you’re wanting to bring a little plant life into your own home and not knowing [...]

Gardening & Mental Health

World Mental Health Day is on 10 October, with Mental Health Week also occurring in Victoria for the duration of this week. Any gardener will attribute that their mental health is boosted [...]

Air Purifying Indoor Plants

The indoor plant craze isn’t just a phase, it’s a forever movement! I know this because it’s not just about aesthetic trend and how beautiful plants can make a room. Plants also [...]

Plant Tastic!

What happens when two Ballarat entities meet up over a cup of coffee and hatch a brilliant plan to combine their powers to collaborate to greenify local interiors? Plant Tastic, your Ballarat [...]

Moon Planting

La Luna! She’s a beauty. And so much revolves around her, including would you believe – crop and plant growing! The thing I love most about this gardening caper is the more you know, the more [...]