You don’t have to do a full Kate Bush and be out in wily windy moors to soak up nature. Bring nature indoors to greenify your world via the wonderful exotic world of indoor plants. 

Whether it is one or two jaw-dropping feature plants, or a plethora of potted whimsy poking out of every nook, indoor plants dramatically transform a room’s mood. And that’s just the tip of the benefit iceberg. Indoor greenery is excellent for our health and wellbeing. And here’s how :  

Houseplants are a mood improver – they are proven to reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem and wellbeing, and whilst reducing depression considerably.  

By pumping more oxygen into the air, plants improve concentration, memory, attention spans whilst fostering creativity, making them fabulous additions to any office environment. 

Good news for asthmatics – plants reduce airborne dust levels and indoor pollutants. 

 Providing a plethora of other health benefits such as prevention of dry skin/throat/nose and lips, plants are also excellent in warding off lurgies such as colds and flu. They are natural air purifiers : providing moisture into the air we breathe. 

Plants in hospitals rooms mean patients are able to recover faster from illness. In fact, experiments reveal patients with plants in their room had lower blood pressure and heart rates than those without. Incredible right? 

 Trouble sleeping? A humble plant propped on a bedside table can offer relief. Yes that’s right, plants also help promote a deeper sleep due to the fact that they omit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. 

Stress reducers, air purifiers, wellbeing enhancers, illness repairers, aesthetic pleasers, productivity enablers….there’s a lot of tentacles to the indoor plant. 

Strike Kermit’s old saying : it actually really is easy being green. A houseplant is a thoughtful and health-bearing gift for a friend, lover or family member. A lot is to be gained from having them around us indoors. 


Blog written by our rad employee Lou Ridsdale.

Passionate gardener, Founder of Food is Free Laneway Ballarat, PR & Communications ninja.