Ballarat Hobby Farmer Testimonial

Dr Margaret Brennan runs a 394-acre hobby farm in Miners Rest, Victoria and is one of Munash Natural Fertilizers’ longest serving customers. A retired doctor, Margaret is passionate about soil health and shares the importance it has on the health and wellbeing of plants, animals and humans.

I was a doctor in the 1950s and have noticed that so many chemicals have been introduced into our diets and bodies; we didn’t have the diseases we had then as we have now. Our health depends on the health of the soil, that’s how important it is.  Minerals are so important for humans and equally for animals. We’re destroying soil with chemical fertilisers that’s why I just don’t use them. I’ve used [Munash products] on crops and pastures and in my water troughs. I’ve hardly noticed the drought like other people… if you get the soil right, you retain about 30 percent more water. I’ve had stock on my pastures all the time and when I sell my lucerne people find how much better their horses are, they are thrilled with the way their horses are when they eat my lucerne. What I’ve also noticed is that since using it on my crops I no longer have to spray for insects on my lucerne. As long as I keep the sugar level high, the red-legged mite won’t touch it. You don’t need sprays if you keep the soils healthy, and then the plants are healthy. I would recommend it to everyone, even gardeners who are looking after their own plants and trees.

Margaret Brennan, Miners Rest.


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