Autumn is traditionally what is known as a shoulder season in the gardening world, but it is also the season that is the most giving. Harvest Season, which falls around March, is such an active time for gardeners who finally get to enjoy the full bounty of all that hard work. Autumn, as it really kicks in, is also a time of slowing down of the natural world to gather it’s energy again as the weather cools ready for the following Spring/Summer. Our minds turn to falling leaves, mushroom picking and acorns.

A season of brilliant hues as well as muted colours, Autumn is a really special time. As we watch the garden grow and grow, with the likes of corn stalks reaching for the sky and then withering away gradually to die, the Autumnal garden is truly fascinating. It hits its peak, and then slowly melts away. Watching Autumn leaves turn colour and depart their branches, is a really beautiful sight, but they are also utter gold for our gardens and compost, whether you use them for composting or mulch.

A wonderful time of year to let some of your garden beds go fallow – which basically means, allow it to rest and not plant anything into the earth. We sometimes forget how productive our soil is, and that it too needs to catch its breath. A great idea is to plant out a green manure crop. Stay tuned for a blog entirely on this in the future.

Only weeks away, now is the time to think about what to grow in your Autumn garden wherever you live. With the sting of the sun almost gone, it’s a great time for leafy greens again, especially lettuce, which really doesn’t thrive in Summer at all.

Don’t forget to feed your hungry soil over Autumn, ready for the winter produce such as broad beans and brassicas. They’ll need a good supply of Munash Organics Rockdust, Revitalize and Renew.

It truly is the time of year where the most amazing produce is reaped from our Spring plantings and our Summer-time tending/watering/guiding/fussing. Remember to slow down, breathe – and enjoy our intoxicating Autumn in all its glory.

Words by Hey Hoe Let’s Grow