Like making a great cake, the secret is to put time and love into the base so it is the very best cake it can be. The same rule applies with soil.

Autumn is the perfect time to rejuvenate your soil to replace nutrients and repair composition. Hungry Summer produce, dry windy conditions, and especially in Northern parts of Australia, the intense Summer rains, can really take it out of your top soil.

Great growing conditions for your soil is paramount to gaining great produce, flowers and plants. A little bit of effort goes a long way.

Here is a step by step guide in how best to serve your soil :

1. First prepare your garden bed and rid of any spent plants, weeds and debris.
2. Break up any clumps of soil using a garden fork to slowly turn the soil.
3. Add some bags of Revitalize, our specially blended organic compost, and dig into the soil.
4. Rake the top of your soil to ensure it is relatively level. Built up pockets of dirt will make for uneven water flow.
5. Spread a layer of Munash Organic Rockdust over the soil. The magic of Rockdust is that it works its way into the soil by its own accord, and will go about balancing your soil over a long period of time. We recommend a dose each month. One handful per square meter is all you need and best bit : no need to dig in.
6. Best to leave the new bed rest for a week if you can.
7. Plant up your patch with your favourite plants, and add a layer of mulch to improve water retention, and also prevent weeds.
8. Water in with Munash Organics Renew, our certified organic blend of Southern Ocean derived liquid fertiliser. Fortnightly doses are recommended to keep your garden flourishing.
9. Sit back and admire your hard work with a delicious beverage of your choice – this time of year we are loving a lemon verbena tea freshly plucked from our herb garden.