Beekeeping is a fascinating age old hobby first dating back to 9,000 years ago when North Africans kept bees in pottery, and evidence in Egyptian tombs reveal that 4,5000 years ago domestication [...]

Autumn Soil Prep

Like making a great cake, the secret is to put time and love into the base so it is the very best cake it can be. The same rule applies with soil. Autumn is the perfect time to rejuvenate your [...]

Playground To Plate

We have the best fun delivering our stock to our customers. Especially when it involves children. We supply our special blended compost and Rockdust to a handful of Early Learning Centres around [...]

Autumnal Gardening

Autumn is traditionally what is known as a shoulder season in the gardening world, but it is also the season that is the most giving. Harvest Season, which falls around March, is such an active [...]


Being responsible to keep an indoor plant alive can bring instant bunny-in-the-headlights fear in some humans who consider themselves ‘black thumbs’, but we promise, it’s actually pretty easy so [...]


An excellent activity for the whole family to enjoy together is creating an insect hotel. And the best bit – you can pretty much source all the materials at no cost if you are resourceful! What [...]


Ask any serious gardener what their secret to their healthy productive growth, and time and time again you’ll receive the exact same answer. Soil. Soil health is vital to the health of plants and [...]


In today’s society where the Australian Dream to own quarter acre with a big backyard versus the realities of increasing population growth and smaller (if any) backyard, it has brought upon the [...]