5 Must Haves In Your Autumn Garden :

1). Garlic.

Such a staple of so many dishes, plus a compulsory medicinal aid in your Go-Away-Flu tool kit, the humble garlic is one of the easiest things you can grow in your garden. Being a bulb, it’s as simple as taking a clove of garlic, planting it about a thumb depth down in the soil, giving it a water and away it goes. You don’t have to do anything until the garlic leaves start to wither and go brown, indicating it’s ready to be yanked out of the ground for consumption. It grows incredibly well in pots too, so lack of space is not always an issue.


2).  Silver beet.

This glorious cut-and-come-again crop is robust, extremely giving and looks lush adding a sea of green in a barren Autumn garden. Loaded with iron it is a very versatile veg in regards to how it can be used in recipes. Got a glut? Time for homemade silver beet spanakopita.


3). Spinach.

Popeye sure was onto a good thing! With its divine glossy leaves, spinach is a welcome addition to the garden and make a great change from lettuce in a garden salad. And that’s just for starters.


4). Leek.

A great substitute for onion, leek are a beautiful addition to any veg garden with its handsome slender trunks adding interesting architecture to the patch. If you are vigilant with mounding up dirt around them as they grow it will blanch the leeks – producing delicious white stems.


5). Peas.

Put them in from May onwards and by Spring you’ll be loving these little beauties – that’s if they even find their way to your pot as they are so delicious to pop in your mouth as you pluck them from their gorgeous vines. The tendrils can be used in salads as well making it a win-win plant for your Autumn planting schedule.


And, to make Autumn even more amazing for your garden – now is the time to feed your plants and soil with Munash Rockdust and Renew, and add in our organic compost to build up the soil ready for winter.

Happy Gardening!