In a faced-paced, sometimes artificial world, more people are gravitating towards wellbeing and health to provide balance and grounding. Community gardens and communal gardening spaces are a perfect conduit of this, as well as a space to nurture us.

Community gardens are a great solution to those who cannot have a garden or don’t have the space. They are also a conduit to learn about gardening, be it a complete novice or a seasoned grower, community gardens provide a gathering opportunity to share tips, share produce and share the passion of food.

From the moment you descend upon a public green living area, it’s guaranteed you feel more at nature and be at one with your community simultaneously. But these spaces don’t just appear. It takes people power and community effort to be created, as well as maintained. Ron Finley, a much respected icon of the guerrilla gardening movement says ‘The funny thing about sustainability is you have to sustain it.” And community gardens are where it becomes a real concerted and collective effort.

Something magical happens in community gardens. Two people standing side by side who normally may have nothing in common suddenly realise they do : both eat food : it’s the one common bond that we do daily. They also share an earnest desire to make the world a better place : not in grand gestures like saving the Amazon forest, but by plonking their hands in the soil and simply growing nutrient-giving food or plants that beautify Earth, and literally allows the planet to breathe more easily.

If you are keen to become part of this wondrous world, contact your local community garden, or start your own. What you have to gain doesn’t just end with food, fresh air, exercise, peace and friendships… extends beyond in so many ways, and also sends a message that communal green spaces are something society not only benefits from but also needs.